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Re: Colorqube 9301/9303 scans tilted to left and right

Hi Rayboni,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Have you had a service technician look at these machines?  It sounds like you need to have someone look at the machine to make sure it is set up and operating properly.  Please consider having service look at the machine. 

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Colorqube 9301/9303 scans tilted to left and right

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Dear support I have lots of issues with my colorquebe machines that scans are tilted to the right or left, even when scanning just one page on the machine. I already discussed this issue with Dutch support and they told me there is a error margin of 2.8 mm that is acceptable from the scanning unit on the machine above, the error margin on the glass plate is less then 2.8 mm.


I can from my experience tell you that these error margins are even more then 2.8 mm offset on machine colorqube machines I have. Even trying to fix this issue with different scanwheels in the machine does not fix this issue. For us its really unexceptable to send out these documents that are scanned, it's really bad when you examine the documents that are scanned. You can imagine from my earlier post here about poor quality of scans in combination of tilted to the left or right even make it more worse.


I have already printed these documents out, made a printing job and put them above eachother and you really see a very strange behaviour of output in the scanning going to tilt to the right or left with more then a 2.8 mm acceptance margin error.


Examined the output on my screen, tilted my screen, put it on A4, set a ruller against it and you will see the result of big errors above the margin.


For these brand new machines there must be some fix for this, upgrading it to the latest firmware version and patchlevel does not fix this. It seems that it's a manufacturing problem in the machine it self how it transports the paper trough the machine and the wheels that are used. I even have machines that make high noise now when scanning, and like the wheels are stick or not functioning properly, these machines I work with are just here 2 month's in operation.


Is there no way Dutch support can calibrate the machines on a low level base or something to fix this issue, because by the day its getting worse and worse, even with new wheels inserted into the uppertray input for scanning. It must be a known problem with Xerox that this happens, pitty that they do not tell you this when buying those machines.


Kind regards,

Raymond Boer

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