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Re: Configure Xerox Altalink B8055 SMTP for Gmail

To clarify, the gmail account I'm using has the 'allow less secure apps' setting enabled.
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Configure Xerox Altalink B8055 SMTP for Gmail

Product Name: AltaLink B8145 / B8155 / B8170 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Not Applicable

HI there, I'm trying to configure a Xerox Altalink B8055 to use Gmail for the SMTP settings. This is intended for scanning to email purposes. Does this model support Gmail?

I've been trying a couple of different guides but they are for other Altalink models, or other Xerox printers altogether. Not having any success so far. I can get it to work, but only with using a personal email server on port 25. I'd like to get out of running my own email server.

Does anyone know if this model supports Gmail?




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