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Re: Como Configurar a saida de copia e impressao numa versalink 7020

I think I finally made a big breakthrough.

I had the same problem as you guys.

We used a 7120 with Dual Center Tray, and it was very convenient to copy to the upper tray and print to the lower, so the people standing next to the printer could work while the others from their workstations printing.

At Versalink the upper tray was not active and the collegaues were disappointed because they cannot use the new printer as the old.

I have searched the menu for options and the Xerox Windows 10 Print Experience software for solution, but did not have worked any of them.

Today I have found the menu in the device with the help of our local distributor.

So the solution:

1. Go to the printer. Operate the control panel and login to Admin account.

2. Get into Device menu by Device app.

3. Choose Support option.

4. In this menu you will find az option for Upper Center Tray. ( We are not using the printer in English, so I try to translate and figure out it's English name. )

5. After pointing on it on the next menu you can enable it.

6. After enable and going back in the menu the device will ask you for restart because the settings have changed.

7. After restart, head back to your workstation and login with admin to the printer through the web application. 

8. Click on Applications

9. Click on Copy

10. Scroll down until you find Output destination and change it to Upper Center Tray like Joe Arseneau mentioned above.

So that's easy it is, but to be honest I send many kisses to the guy or chick who designed the menu to put this option into Support section, because I would never search in this option if I would not desperately disappointed and clicking on any and every option just to find the solution.

To be honest: Who would ever search a function changing parameter in the Support area?

Re: Como Configurar a saida de copia e impressao numa versalink 7020



this is the problem,


All my versalink have two tray, and the setup don´t have anything to put, the only place that i saw was with finisher, but this is ?????????????? 

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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Como Configurar a saida de copia e impressao numa versalink 7020

Hi Joe, Carlos,

Just a little completion.

On VersaLink 7020 if is no finisher installed, the machine must have a center tray which on this model is an option and it must be purchased (497K18900 - center tray 2*250 sheets, dual catch tray).Otherwise it cannot be setup.


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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Como Configurar a saida de copia e impressao numa versalink 7020


This forum is English only. Please use Google translate to post in English


EWS > Apps > Copy > General Settings and Policies > Output Destination






This needs a firmware newer than December 2017 though, so update to the one posted here first


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Joe Arseneau

Configuring the output copies and printing in VersaLink 7020

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Good afternoon, a

lready at 7120 and 7220 I could set the output tray of prints and copies now at 7020 I can not. Can you help me, Carlos?




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