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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

Re: Connectivity issues with OS X Mountain Lion


This device will have no drivers for Mountain Lion!, Sorry! Please check this file.

Any way, you may want to try this:

- download the generic PPD file for this device here

- Copy the PPD file to somewhere in your HD

- Add a IP printer, give IP, queue name is 'lp'.

- on the driver, chose other, and browse for the PPD that you saved

And it is done. You will not have a fancy look and fill driver but it may work.




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Connectivity issues with OS X Mountain Lion

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Twice I spoke with customer service agents on the phone and twice they could not give me a solid answer. We recently updated our OS on our Mac to 10.8.1, our DC 425 ST is not responding to the new OS. Our office is centered around the scanning and printing of documents, however, because there are no new drivers to accomodate 10.8.1 we cannot use the machine, or conduct our business the way we need to. Is there any chance of a new driver or any possible third party or work around solution you may know of?

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