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Re: Constant paper jams when using flatbed to make 2 sided copies.

Actually mostly it's happened when the roller are making hurdle so please make sure check your roller inside the machine maybe their is problem. I advised you to call support they will definately fix your issue on rapidly.

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Re: Constant paper jams when using flatbed to make 2 sided copies.

Let me clarify, As per web development company Bangladesh , this seems to be a jam in the ADF, nothing to do with the duplexer as such, here's what you need to know:

Paper will scan the first side and the second side and when it goes to exit, it jams.

It seems like where it is supposed to exit, it jams like there is not enough room for the paper to go through. 


I suggest cleaning the ADF using the below steps:

Clean the plastic and glass strips inside the document feeder with a soft, lint-free cloth sprayed with glass cleaner.


Some printers ship with a document feeder cleaning cloth. If you have the cloth, load it into the document feeder and start a scan job to clean the scanner mechanism.

  1. Turn the printer off, disconnect the power cord, and remove the battery if your printer has one.

  2. Depending on your printer model, open any top cover, document feeder tray, and scan document feeder cover.

  3. Remove any debris such as bits of paper or paper clips from inside the document feeder.

  4. Spray a soft, lint-free cloth with glass cleaner, then wipe the scanner glass and the white strip on the underside of the document feeder until clean, dry, and streak-free.


    To protect the interior printer parts, do not spray the cleaner directly on or into the printer.

  5. Completely close any covers and trays that you opened.

  6. Reconnect the power cord, reinstall the battery if necessary, then turn on the printer.

  7. Load the original document or photo, then try to scan. Make sure the original document or photo is in good condition and free of tears, creases, folds, staples, or tape.

If the issue persists, this could be a hardware malfunction.

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Re: Constant paper jams when using flatbed to make 2 sided copies.

I took a can of air duster and blew out certain areas, and it seems to work now.

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Re: Constant paper jams when using flatbed to make 2 sided copies.

It could be a sensor, do you have an error code when the machine jams?

Thank you,
Jordan R.
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Constant paper jams when using flatbed to make 2 sided copies.

Product Name: Xerox B215 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Other – specify OS in post

I have a booklet prined on tabloid 11x17" paper folded into an 8.5x11 booklet. So, after making 2-3 double sisded copies, opening the flatbed lid, flipping to the next page, I get a paper jam. Open rear door and remove any paper. SO, i DO THAT, BUT IT DOESN'T CLEAR THE JAM. iF i power down, pull the plug for 30 seconds, turn it back on, that clears the jam.

On occasion, for some random cause, while I'm trying to make copies, it will say the manual-feed slot is jammed, but it was not in use. Then I have to power down, pull the plug, and the jam clears. After perhaps 10 copies, after I turn the printer back on for the 5th time, the initial info sheet that prints each time jams on ther second side. It just doesn't make it all the way out. It's about 2 inches short.


If I wait overnight, and then continue my copy job, I get about 8 copies befor another phantom jam. I've tried fresh paper, actual Xerox laser/copier paper. I looked very carefully with a jewelers visor and light, and there are no obstructions in the printer, not even the tiniest.

Any ideas? Doing all this from the front panel.

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