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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Copy & Scan features unavailable on Workcentre 5150

Try a firmware update


WorkCentre® 5632/5638/5645/5655/5665/5675/5687
Copier/Printer or Copier/Printer/Scan Machine
Upgrade Procedure

© 2009, 2010 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox ®, the sphere of connectivity design, and WorkCentre® are trademarks of Xerox
Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


The purpose of this ReadMe is to enable System Administrators to upgrade a WorkCentre to version

The upgrade process will take about 20-30 minutes. The WorkCentre will be inoperable during this time. Please
make sure that the WorkCentre is free of faults and jams before commencing any part of the upgrade.

PRE-UPGRADE PATCH MAY BE NEEDED: This applies to DLM upgrades only:

* (This upgrade does not apply to devices with version numbers starting with
If you have a machine at a System Software version lower than please install XSA_56xx08_PreupgradePatch.
dlm included with this software. This must be installed prior to this system upgrade. If your machine
is at System Software Version or above, you DO NOT need the pre-upgrade patch.

Note: If your machine is alt-booted by Xerox Service to version or above, you DO NOT need the

NOTE: When upgrading from version to version or greater, the machine will reboot
half way through the upgrade. It will then automatically go back into upgrade mode and complete. No intervention is

Upgrade Requirements

To perform this upgrade, the following will be required:

The D21120xxxxx_00_1.DLM file. IMPORTANT: This file must be extracted from
before it can be used.
A PC with network access to the WorkCentre.
The WorkCentre must have the HTTP option enabled.
Upgrade Process

Open a new Web Browser window (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) and enter the URL, using the
format "" (where ‘’ is the WorkCentre IP Address, which can be found on
the Configuration Report under Section ‘TCP/IP Settings’). Click on Go or Enter.
Select the 'index' icon (top right hand side of Web-UI) then from index select ‘Manual Upgrade’.
At this point a Login screen will be displayed, use the System Administrator’s username and password.
After entering the correct username and password the manual upgrade page will be displayed.
Select the Browse button and locate the D21120xxxxx_00_1.DLM file.
Select the ‘Install Software’ option. A pop-up will be shown with the message ‘File has been submitted’;
click OK. Once the file is sent close the browser window.

If a pop-up appears displaying “File has not been submitted”, repeat the process from Step 5, ensuring the correct
filename has been used.

Within several minutes, the machine will go into upgrade mode. A message will be displayed on the WorkCentre
User Interface, indicating that the software upgrade is about to start. During the actual upgrade, the WorkCentre will
not be available via the network. Soon after this, the Upgrade Interface window will be displayed on the WorkCentre
User Interface, showing the upgrade progress of all relevant modules. Once the relevant modules have finished
upgrade the system will automatically reboot. The message ‘Restoring Configuration Settings; Please Wait’ will
then be displayed. After the reboot has completed, the WorkCentre User Interface will display the message "Ready
to Scan your job". The upgrade is now complete. The NC will initialize, then after a delay it will automatically print a
Software Upgrade Report followed after a further delay by a Configuration Report. Refer to the Software Upgrade
Report and confirm that the ‘Software Upgrade Result’ is shown as ‘Success’.

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Joe Arseneau
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New Member
New Member

Copy & Scan features unavailable on Workcentre 5150

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

My office uses a Xerox Workcentre 5150 Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax machine. The machine serial number is VXX104497N. I have no idea about the age of the machine. 


Our problem is that we periodically lose the copying and scanning features.The machine display reads "copying and scanning are unavailable" when this occurs. The display also says to restart the machine. I have followed the suggestion approach many times. It works sometimes, sometimes it does not. I do follow the restart recommended on the display.


At first, the issue appeared to occur only in the morning. I thought maybe it was an issue occurring when the machine goes into "sleep mode" at night. Now it occurs with greater frequency and at any time of the day. I have been unable to acertain any other commonalities with the occurrence of the issue.


We have had Xerox support visit our office twice. Both times we were unable to recreate the with the tech on site. I have taken photo of the machine on the display message. They are attached to this post.


Thank you.

Xerox Model - 2.jpg



Xerox Error Message.jpg


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