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Customising versalink app does not work

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I have a workcentre 6605. It works well. Recently added Versalink C405. I thought the new printer would be more versatile and customisable than the 6605. I am struggling to achieve the same functionality. I note the internet services software is completely different.


On the 6605 I can press scan to network and the next page presents the default settings of scanning to a particular folder on the network.


On the C405 I can scan to the same folder on the network without difficulty. But I want this presented as the default option. I have saved the network folder in contacts. But when I choose Customise and save it as entry list or choose Save and save as Defaults, the network location will not appear when Scan To is subsequently used. I have tried repeatedly and rebooted and updated to the latest software.


If the user chooses add destination they can get to the network folder but have to manually enter user and password. If the user chooses preset - then the preset will appear with correct network location - but I want this to be automatically loaded as it does on the 6605.


I also note that when choosing any of the options there is a significantly longer delay on the C405 than the 6605 in presenting the next option screen. Finally when the printer is recovered from sleep (which it will almost always be) the option to choose the preset is not available until cancelling two screens. This is not practical for other users (even though there only a few).


I am struggling to understand how I set up the 6605 so easily and without problems, and cannot do so on an almost identical but newer model. I was expecting increased not decreased functionality. 

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