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Disable Job Log for XST Templates - Syntax Needed

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I have a Xerox Color 560.  I setup Template Pool that pull my .xst templates from my server and populates them on the Network Scanning section.  I successfully scan to network using these template pools without any problem.


Each time a user scans they receive the job log (.XST).  If I manually setup the template pool from CentreWare Internet Services, I can disable Job Log in my Default Template options.  But since I had to enable Job Log to produce the .XST file, I do not know how to disable it in the XST file.  What can I add to the XST file that will disable job log?


I copied an example of a xst file below:

Many Thanks,



[service xrx_svc_general]
string JobTemplateName = "USERNAME";
enum_DCS DcsDefinitionUsed = DCS_GENERIC;
string JobTemplateDescription = "";
enum_encoding JobTemplateCharacterEncoding = ASCII;
string JobTemplateLanguageVersion = "2.0";
boolean SuppressJobLog = FALSE;
enum_confmethod ConfirmationMethod = PRINT;
string JobTemplateCreator = "";
string OutputURL = "service:printer:lpr://IP ADDY";

[service xrx_svc_scan]
enum_autoexposure AutoExposure = OFF;
integer Darkness = 0;
enum_imagemode DocumentImageMode = MIXED;
struct_borders InputEdgeErase = 3/3/3/3/mm/3/3/3/3/mm;
struct_magnification Magnification = MANISO/100;
enum_inputorientation InputOrientation = PORTRAIT;
enum_sided SidesToScan = ONE_SIDED;
enum_colormode ColorMode = AUTO;
integer Contrast = 0;
integer Sharpness = 0;
enum_mediasize InputMediaSize = AUTO;

[doc_object xrx_document]
integer BitsPerPixel = 24;
enum_mixedtype MixedType = MULTI_MASK_MRC;
enum_docformat DocumentFormat = PDF;
string DocumentObjectName = "SCAN_";
enum_outputsize OutputImageSize = AUTO;
enum_resolution Resolution = RES_200X200;
enum_compression CompressionsSupported = G3MH, G4,
enum_mixedtype MixedTypesSupported = MULTI_MASK_MRC;
enum_mixedcompressions MixedCompressionsSupported = G4, JPEG;
enum_searchabletext SearchableText = IMAGE_ONLY;
enum_textcompression TextCompression = FLATE;
string SourceDocumentLanguages = "en";
enum_mediasize InputMediaSize = AUTO;
integer CompressionQuality = 127;
enum_optimizedforfastwebview OptimizedForFastWebView = NONE;
enum_compression Compression = G4;
integer NumberImagesScanned = 1;

[service xrx_svc_file]
enum_filingpolicy DocumentFilingPolicy = GEN_DATE_TIME_ID;
string DocumentPath = "USERNAME\\scans";
enum_namespace FilingNameSpace = WINDOWSNT;
enum_filingprotocol FilingProtocol = SMB;
string RepositoryName = "";
enum_loginsource LoginSource = SYSTEM;
string UserNetworkFilingLoginName = "AUTHENTICATED USER";
string RepositoryAlias = "Home Folder";
ref_invocation OutputDocument = xrx_document:doc_1;
string RepositoryVolume = "home";

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Re: Disable Job Log for XST Templates - Syntax Needed

Hi sbrowne,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. I do not currently have a Xerox Color 560 available to test with but try this change the line boolean SuppressJobLog = FALSE; from false to TRUE.  That should stop the xst files.  If this does not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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