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Valued Advisor

Re: Documate 4799 occasionally jams and looses 'resume scan' option when processing work

Hello Xerox 4799 user.

If you have not already resolved this issue, we suggest you search our online knowledgebase for this product: DocuMate 4799.


Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page for other support options.

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Documate 4799 occasionally jams and looses 'resume scan' option when processing work

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10

Hi Xerox,

No one seems to know anything about this issue but it has been reporting in a few areas within our business who all use 4799's. We have experienced this issue on our corporate image of windows 10 and also on Windows 10 standalone, so we defo know its not down to our corporate version of windows 10 as we are seeing same issue on the standalone.

The issue is from time to time when a scanner jams, the option to continue scanning automatically dissapears which means users loose all the previously scanned worked. You can imagine if you are doing a batch job of 500 pages and it jams/looses work on 490 pages, its not great!

Has anyone else reported this issue? Interested to know if its a known issue and if there is anything that can be done to ensure it doesnt happen?

We are using these scanners to run a critical scanning service so there really is no room for faults like this as it really impacts processing performance/stats.

We are using latest version of Acuity and we have tried the older/current driver, still same issues.

Any advice will be extremeley welcomed! Thanks

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