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Documate 515 Scan to E-Mail using the latest Onetouch software

I reciently updated to windows creaters addition 1709 and also updated Onetouch to 4.6.2917.9207 using Windows 10 Pro (Build 16299)

I am also using Outlook 2013.

Before the updates I would scan to E-Mail and it would open outlook and create a new E-Mail with the scanned attachment within it.

after the update it will scan correctly, the log shows as  Succeeded 1 file the transfer to the email client has completed successfully however outlook never opens and a new E-Mail with the scan is not created.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Re: Documate 515 Scan to E-Mail using the latest Onetouch software

Windows build 1709 does not play well with drivers, you will need to do a complete removal and reinstall from scratch, which is why the note is listed at the top of the page for every device on the Xerox Scanners pages





Xerox is a partner of XeroxScanners, they are not the same company, so this forum doesn't have a section that pertains to them, Xerox scanners support is their phone, email and knowledge base, all of which are listed here


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Joe Arseneau
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