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rmedinap New Member
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Doubts of a newbie: How to scan continuously with a WorkCentre 5330?

Hi. I'm a personal assistant in an office. My boss recently bought the WorkCentre 5330, the problem is that neither of us have any idea how to operate this efficentily. I've come through reading the manual and following instructions so far. I can get it to print and copy without much trouble, but we have now clue how to get it so scann the way we hopped to.


What I want in simple terms is this: My job is to scann several stacks of documents (most of them binded), but this thing asks me to select the settings I want for every single page, this is very time-consuming. Isn't there a way to have it remeber the settings, press start and have it scann continuously some 80 or more pages (so that I only have to turn the page and press it to the glass plate)?


Also when I ask it so scann and save in pdf, not only do I have to input the settings page by page, I also end up with a single file for every page. How do I save several scanns into a single pdf?


And when I scan to USB, it actually saves each file into it before allowing me to continue with the next scan. How can it scann an entire document first and then transfer it into the USB?


Neither me or my boss are computer experts so I was hoping to get some clear step by step instructions to archieve this. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Doubts of a newbie: How to scan continuously with a WorkCentre 5330?

When in the scan to USB/Network scan options go to Layout > Book Scanning.


There are multiple settings to choose from, if your not scanning a book just tell it to do one page only and for each pass of the light touch the Next Original option. When it completes the scan of the page it will ask you to scan the next one, just keep loading originals and hit the Start button. You should be able to get it to do what you want within a couple of tries.


Just remember to set the original size manually ala Layout Adjustment > Original Size because the printer will only detect industry standard sizes via Auto.


The printer is incapable of scanning when you place paper on the glass, it has no way of knowing the paper is there and even if it did would not know what you wanted to do with it so pushing the Start button is the only way to scan the next page.

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Xerox Employee Karl063192
Xerox Employee

Re: Doubts of a newbie: How to scan continuously with a WorkCentre 5330?



The function you're looking for is called 'Build Job' and it is found in the last tab on screen called 'Job Assembly'.


I invite you to download the Xerox® WorkCentre® 5325 / 5330 / 5335 User Guide and go to page 108. The instructions are for the copy mode but this function work just the same in scanning.


Hope you success!



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