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Re: Duplex Scanning

On the printers IP interface make a shortcut for a network share. In the set up you will see an option that says "Sides" with choices of "short edge" and "Long edge". This is duplex scanning, and while I have B315s, I assume the C315 probably is set up similarly. Took me forever to figure this out because the wording isn't very clear so I didnt realize thats actually the duplex scanning setting.

Even Xerox didnt know this when I asked how on the phone or in these forums lol

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Duplex Scanning

Product Name: Xerox C315 Color MultiFuntion Printer
Operating System: Not Specified

I've seen multiple answers to this question so looking for something authoratative. 

Does the Xerox C315 allow for duplex scanning? ie can I put a document in the feeder and it will scan both sides? 



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