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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Email Workflow for Workcenter 7970

Workflow scan can't do email at all, and One-touch, Single touch scan all really just uses Workflow scan templates, so they are all out.


But they don't do just FTP.




Xerox App Studio, if you have access to it through your dealer, can do all but the random prefix name thing, nothing does that for email because it isn't required on emails, no idea how you would go about getting that feature.




Xerox App Gallery is available for no cost and it can give you direct Scan To Office365, but the user would have to sign in to scan, but it would be direct to the folder, not via email.






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Joe Arseneau
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Email Workflow for Workcenter 7970

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I have Sharepoint online and I setup a email address and a Microsoft Flow on O365 so that any file from my scanner email account will automatically be dropped in a Records Library.  I want this to be as simple as possible for my employees to use so I thought I would just use the Workflow on the Xerox, but that only seems to be able to scan to FTP or a server.  (HTTP will not work with O365)


Basically I want a quick workflow or contact button on the Xerox home screen so a user's scan job will go to:



Subject:Record Center File

FileName: prefix-random

File Format: PDF /A

Searchable: Yes


My normal default scans are non-searchable image only PDF files. 


I cannot seem to find a way to get this configured.




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