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Re: Erro 016-782 when scanning to public (anonymous) SMB share

Hi mprice58

im not expert on linux  but ill give you a hint that could be helpful 

Server name or IP  use the IP Address of your PC not the hostname 

Port is 445 

Share Name will be the case sensitive folder name "when you create the share folder make sure to make it full permissions as read and write 

Directory path keep it empty 

Login name "you should to creat account on linux which have a user name and password " 

if the problem still try to update the machine firmware 

Regards !

New Member
New Member

Erro 016-782 when scanning to public (anonymous) SMB share

Product Name: DocuPrint C3290 FS
Operating System: Linux

I am trying to configure my C3290FS to scan to a SMBv1 public/anonymous file share hosted on an appliance. 

I am receiving error 016-782 (login error) at the console when attempting to scan. 

This makes no sense as login is not required for this share.

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