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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Error 027-586 When using network scanning



The problem seems to be on the password being used for the SMB repository. If you are using Scan to Network feature where you have configured the scanning repositories on the printer CWIS (web browser access via IP <> Printer webpage), than you should be fine.

If you are using the feature "Scan to PC" this might be a bit different, since you might be using a .csv address list where it contains the scan destination path and credentials. You can still change these, but the password is encrypted, therefore you would need to know the encryption version of the pw. It would be easier to create a new path.


If you want confirmation if this is the problem, I would suggest you to create a new file destination repository and one template and use this to scan.


Also, all this assuming you are sure your using the correct user, domain and password to access the share :)

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Error 027-586 When using network scanning

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We're using a work centre 7125
When selecting scan to network were give this error:


027 - 586
An SNB protocol error occurred. The password valid interval expired.


I've been on to the printers preferences via its IP address and changed the password associated with the SNB, but had no change on the machine.


My guess would be that I need to change a password on the printer itself as well , but I'm not in a rush to start messing with password settings without knowing what I'm doing.


Any help would be fantastic.


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