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Re: Extra Slashes

Very late to the party here but i wanted to share my resolution to a similar issue.

domain\user would work for testing.  but would add extra \ when the scanner was actually in use

if we use domain/user this works fine for testing and scanning.  

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Re: Extra Slashes

Hi Flazzarino,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please make sure that your printer has been upgraded to the latest firmware.  If that does not help and the permissions solutions from the forum post you referenced is not possible in your network environment then please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Extra Slashes

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Our AltaLink C8070 seems to have a recurring issue (actually, *MANY* of our AltaLinks have had this issue, this is just the one I'm working on now): when adding network paths, or when entering a domain & login name (anywhere we have a whack (\), really), xerox seems to read the backslash, then add a backslash.

If we're putting in a network location, "\\example\home" would become "\\\example\\home" (minus quotes in all cases) when actually scanning. When putting in a domain login, "domain\name" becomes "domain\\name" when I attempt the destination test.

On some of the machines, the location or domain login work for a random period of time, then start adding the extra whacks, making it not work.

The only post I've found on this is from 2012, here:, but adding full privileges to everyone isn't a solution I'm willing to even try (that a Xerox rep came back and said it was a good solution is mind boggling: I'm guessing/hoping that user doesn't have any confidential info! That adding full privileges to "Everyone" when we have already created a user account for scanning that has access is just confusing: is Xerox trying to brute its way in, without using the account info we've input?).

Is there a non-standard xerox only notation that we should be using?

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