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Failing to send scanned documents through email

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Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hi. I have bought the Xerox B215 multifunction printer a day ago and I am very pleased with it.

After setting it up, everything works flawlessly with the printing, scanning and network support.

The only thing that I couldn't make work was the email.

I tried multiple providers (yahoo, gmail, outlook, even created other accounts for smaller providers), tried SSL/TLS/no encryption, tried various IMAP and SMTP server settings, according to official guidelines and unofficial ones, including tips from this forum...

I don't get any error code, just a printed page saying the email has failed, so i don't know why it's happening.

I have wasted a lot of paper and thus disabled the printing of the errors for now.

Can you please help me understand why this doesn't work? Or offer a free solution that surely works for you (tried and tested)?

The printer has WiFi and internet access and I have assigned a static IP for it in my router.

Also for it it I have created a separate GMAIL account and enabled less secure app access. I tried setting a less complex password on the email, thinking that this may be one of the causes. Nevertheless it still doesn't work.

I would appreciate your help

Thank you!

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Re: Failing to send scanned documents through email

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For succesfull scanning to email you have to setup the following things; (yeah, sounds stupid but make sure to check these). 

- IP adress

- Hostname

- Domain name (if you dont have one just fill in the field with 'printer.local')

- DNS Server (make sure to use more then one, in case that one won't work, you can use - - -

- Setup the SMTP server. 


Also, make sure you have the lasest firmware on the device which you can download here: 

To make it easier, setup SMTP server without authentication etc. because thats a lot easier troubleshooting. 

You can use: 

SMTP Server: 

Port: 25 

No authentication

You can send only to gmail users(!!)

Hopefully this will help troubleshooting the problem! 

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Re: Failing to send scanned documents through email

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Thank you for the help, Steuber :)

It seems that the next day after I posted this (2.Oct) I have found a solution that worked for me.

No matter which settings I used and which provider I always got rejected.

After countless trial and errors I managed to set up a Google account that accepted mail scan & send. However, I have read that Google will soon stop less secure app access function and that was my first solution that worked - disabling less secure app access with Google.

So, after further scratching my head over this and a few other dozen trials later, I have found a good option from Microsoft (Hotmail / Outlook). The big plus here is that the mail is also encrypted in transit via TLS :)


Here are the settings that worked for me - on secure communication! Hopefully it will help other users too, at least for a while, if Microsoft doesn't decide to block this like Google did:




This was tested successfully to scan and email to a personal Yahoo email address.


Note: If you see a yellow triangle instead of the image, click on the yellow triangle and the image should show up. (I don't know why this happens but i noticed this on my computer right after posting).

If you still cannot see the image, I have uploaded it to my personal cloud storage, you can access it here:!AkGhB_jAI2hhmDdVDTk6ZI3mIBn2

And yes, the settings are different than Microsoft's 'official' guidelines. Thank you Microsoft...

Oh yeah, one more thing... First time I tried this last solution, it failed to send the scan and I received an email from Microsoft in that mailbox to confirm or unblock the usage of the printer. I clicked on the link in the email and since then it worked.



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