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Re: Fault/error 121-333 Xerox workcenter 5335

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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Fault/error 116-331 Xerox workcenter 5335


Try the procedure below and if still not working keep us informed:

 With the machine completely powered off (both the Power Switch and the Main Power Switch in the OFF positions), simultaneously press and hold the 1, the Stop, and the Energy Saver buttons on the Control Panel, and then switch on the Main Power Switch and then the Power Switch. Continue to hold down the 1, Stop, and Energy Saver buttons while switching on the power. Hold the buttons down until the boot up screen (progress bar) appears.



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Fault/error 116-331 Xerox workcenter 5335

Product Name: Other - specify product in post


I'm switching on my xerox workcenter printer and it displaying this message on screen " power off the machine, wait for the control panel to turn off
then power the machine back on
if the fault persists, call your system administrator"

I powerd it on and off again and again but it keeps giving me this error


Please help me!!

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