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Re: Faxes only go to Bypass and clog up whole system without paper

Hello myPCTechs,

You will have to log into the Embedded Web Server and adjust it there. Check for the steps here under Configuring Settings for Fax Paper Output in the Embedded Web Server.

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Faxes only go to Bypass and clog up whole system without paper

Product Name: VersaLink C405 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

We have the latest firmware on VersaLink C405DN. I've searched through all settings and was unable to find any setting that forces a fax to a specific paper tray. We have copies, scans, and prints all going successfully to Tray 1.

Every new fax that comes in the fax wants to go to the bypass tray, and the screen pops up with a Held for Resources error. The error stays on screen until we manually enter paper to the bypass tray and print the fax. If we don't go to the panel to acknowledge the fax or clear the error no jobs will print to the printer. All print jobs will return an error until we manually go to the printer and clear the fax.

We've seen other models that have a menu item allowing you to specify a tray for faxes, which is what we want to do, but no such menu item appears to be available on this model. We'd like to force all faxes to print direct from tray 1. Is there any way?

If not, how do we prevent faxes from clogging up print jobs?

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