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Re: Fiery_Colorcal Job template missing from Network Scanning

Hi DannyBalmain 

1- make sure the cross over cable is securely connected between the DFE " Fiery " and the machine .

2- make sure that you assigned the IP Address on the machine as DHCP not as a static .

3- make sure that the default settings is configured under the File repository setup in CIWS

 check these settings and apply the same on your machine

go to the machine web page then go to  Properties > Services > Network Scanning > File Repository Setup and click Edit next to the Default file destination 

web page v180.png

the Login name is template  and the password is fX7eWp1a7e (case sensitive)

DONT USE the chrome when configure these settings 

After you finish Reboot the fiery and the machine 

Go to network scanning icon on the machine UI and update the template and give it a try !



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Fiery_Colorcal Job template missing from Network Scanning

Product Name: Xerox Versant 180 Press
Operating System: Windows 10 x64
I'm trying to perform a color calibration using the Colorcal measurement method, however when I follow the steps until I'm required to scan the calibration page through network scanning, the Fiery_Colorcal template I'm required to use does not appear. The only option I have is the Default template. When I select the option to update the templates, a message will tell me that the template list did not update. My workplace are very strict on Internet access, could this have an impact on the printers ability to retrieve job templates?
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