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Re: File Repository Setup using variable for share name

Hi Will,

I am not sure on the steps for that process flow. I would recommend calling Support to speak with a product specialist. You can reach them at 1-800-821-2797. Please have your device serial number ready, they will need that to authenticate you.

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File Repository Setup using variable for share name

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10 x64


I have a Xerox B8055 set up and it's connected to our network domain to allow users to sign in to the printer with their network account and scan documents to their email. Each of these users has a network share created and each share is named after their account name. Is it possible to set up a file repository on the Xerox where each user can scan to their own share (without creating a setup for each individual user -we have over 250-)?

For example: if my username is WillC, and my network share is WillC$, is there some way I can set up the repository document path to be something like $LoggedInUser, thus taking the currently logged in user's username (WillC) as the share path?

Edit2: After some more testing I suspect the "Scan to Home" option might be perfect for our needs. Each user account's home folder points to the network share we create for them, so ideally I should be able to turn "Scan to Home" on and be done with it. I can search for a user in the LDAP User Mappings and get a successful result, but for some reason after turning "Scan to Home" on (and "Scan to" on the main display) I can't get an option to scan a document to a home location from the printer.

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