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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: Gmail and the 6180

Here are a couple of solutions:


  1. Use the ISP SMTP server
  2. Using a Windows machine use the SMTP service to relay the e-mails to Googles. 

Both are easily setup and since you seem to have some technical ablilties you should be able to do either. 


Let us know if you have any problems/questions.

Thank you,
Jordan R.
Systems Analyst / Consultant
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Gmail and the 6180

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This is what I know: The 6180 does not offer any encryption when emailing and gmail requires encryption. The only known work around is to use a service to wrap the outgoing emails in SSL to make gmail happy. The two suggestions I have seen on the boards are and I was able to sign up to but it did not work. I still received the invalid from address error. looks beyond my technical ability.


Does any have another possible solution?



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