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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Help! Setting up email setting DocuPrint 355df

We can't help with the SMTP server since it is specific to the account in use, but the port should be 2525 if all else fails according to their pages.


But if you can't connect to Gmail or SMTP to go I would say the printer can't access the internet (You should be getting encryption errors if you were reaching a server that it can't access, not connection failures)


So look to your DNS server (if all else fails try as the primary DNS server).

Make sure the Gateway is right.

Verify if you have a Proxy server, because if you do, the printer needs to know to use it.

If the printer is on Https, the time needs to be correct (within 3 minutes) or it will fail to scan.

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Joe Arseneau
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Help! Setting up email setting DocuPrint 355df

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Hi All,


Im in a little over my head and hoping you can help!


Im trying to set up the email setting on my docuprint so i can scan to email. My email is a gmail one. I have tried every thing I can find and still no go. I tried using SMTP2go as i saw a few people recoment, but i just keep getting unable to connect. 


If you can help it would be great, im a newb so please keep it simple haha. 


This is a Pic on the settings i need to fill in on this model - I am using safari but dont think this would cause an issue. Thanks in advance!


Fuji ScanPrint Settings.jpg

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