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Joe Arseneau
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Re: How to determine scanned files have finished transferring to a file share

It isn't possible. The printer has no idea when you are done scanning,it has no idea if you are going to do another scan, it can't possibly send a command/file stating it is done something when it doesn't know if it is done.


If Xerox even tried to do so, someone would complain that it sent the file too fast, they only paused for a second when interrupted by a co-worker and now their whole job is ruined, they might lose their business and may as well just go live in a ditch tomorrow.


And yes, most support staff in most companies have got that call near exact.


Your software should be able to see the files immediately on transfer, but do to the .lck files, it won't be able to move or rename them until the lock file disappears. (Which is exactly how it works when you transfer a file from your PC and somebody tries to move it or rename it during transfer)


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Joe Arseneau
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How to determine scanned files have finished transferring to a file share

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RE: Xerox WorkCentre 7855i and 5875i using Workflow scanning.


I am successfully scanning files to a network share, and have a piece of software that is trying to process the scanned files.


What I need is a way to know when the very last scanned image has been put in the file share, so my software can correctly start processing the files.


I have the scanner dropping the XST files as well as the NEXTNAME.DAT and XSMDESC.DAT files along with the scanned images.


Is there something I can look for in the XST file that will tell me the scanner has finished dropping files?


Many Thanks,


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