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Joe Arseneau
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Re: How to receive fax manually on Workcentre 3325

Hi ShlomoB

From here:


Manual Receive:

There are two methods for receiving a fax manually:

  • On Hook Dial: Fax calls can be received by pressing [On Hook Dial] on the Control Panel, and then pressing [Start] when a fax tone is heard from the remote machine. The printer begins receiving a fax. If a handset is available, this can be used to answer calls. The number of rings can be changed. 
  • Using an Extension Telephone: This feature works best when using an extension telephone connected to the EXT socket on the back of the printer. You can receive a fax from someone you are talking to on the extension telephone, without going to the fax machine (printer). When you receive a call on the extension phone and hear fax tones, press the [*], [9], and then press the [*] key on the extension phone. The printer receives the fax.

    NOTE: *9* is the remote receive code preset at the factory. The first and the last asterisks are fixed, but the middle number can be changed, if required. To change the middle number, change the RCV Start Code.

Using an Answering Machine:

To use this mode, an answering machine must be attached to the EXT socket on the back of the printer. If the caller leaves a message, the answering machine stores the message as it would normally. If the printer detects a fax tone on the line, it automatically starts to receive the fax.


  • If the printer is set to this mode and the answering machine is powered off, or no answering machine is connected to EXT socket, the printer automatically goes into Fax mode after a predefined number of rings.
  • If the answering machine has a user-selectable ring counter, set the machine to answer incoming calls within 1 ring.
  • If in Tel mode when the answering machine is connected to the printer, power off the answering machine. Otherwise, the outgoing message from the answering machine will interrupt the phone conversation.

Using Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) Mode:

Distinctive Ring is a telephone company service which enables a user to use a single telephone line to answer several different telephone numbers. The particular number someone uses to call you is identified by different ringing patterns, which consist of various combinations of long and short ringing sounds. This feature is often used by answering services who answer telephones for many different clients and need to know which number someone is calling in on to properly answer the phone.

Using the DRPD feature, the fax machine can learn the ring pattern designated to be answered by the fax machine. Unless changed, this ringing pattern will continue to be recognized and answered as a fax call, and all other ringing patterns will be forwarded to the extension telephone or answering machine plugged into the EXT socket. DRPD can easily be suspended or changed at any time.

Before using the DRPD option, Distinctive Ring service must be installed on the telephone line by the telephone company. To set up DRPD, another telephone line at the same location is needed, or someone available to dial your fax number from outside. Set up DRPD mode, as needed. 

Receiving Faxes in Memory:

Since the printer is a multi-tasking device, it can receive faxes while making copies or printing. If a fax is received, while making copies or printing, the printer stores incoming faxes in its memory. When the copying or printing is completed, the printer automatically prints the fax.

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Joe Arseneau
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How to receive fax manually on Workcentre 3325

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I have a new WorkCentre 3325 at home. Since the machine shares the home phone line, I do not want to enable auto fax receive. How do I get the machine to receive a fax when I know that the incloming call is indeed a fax?


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