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How to remove blank pages during double sided scan (WC7970)

Trying to scan documents on our Work Centre 7970. Some of the documents in the stack are single sided and some are double sided.

I’ve selected double sided scanning and then in layout adjustment, have selected “remove blank pages”, but still end up with blank pages after the documents that are only single sided in the stack. Any solution?

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Re: How to remove blank pages during double sided scan (WC7970)

Clean the glass strip on the left side and make sure no contamination is on the paper at all, and not damaged (creases/wrinkles/rough edges/thin paper that allows the printer to scan through it) because if it sees anything at all, it won't consider it a blank.


If that has been done and you are certain it plays no part in the matter, update to the firmware from here and maybe it will stop happening (I did not see the issue mentioned in the release notes, but to be fair, there are 20 firmwares as of today, I did not search them all for the word "blank")

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Joe Arseneau
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