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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: How to turn off "Folder Report"

Is it Internet Fax and not Fax?

Because it sounds like it is, and it would be Machine Status > Tools > System Settings > Email/Internet Fax Settings >  Email Control > Print Delivery Confirmation Email

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Joe Arseneau
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How to turn off "Folder Report"

Product Name: WorkCentre 5325/5330/5335
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

i have a site I support that uses secure fax. All the faxes come into a folder on the copier. Their workflow is that at specific times of the day designated users retreive the faxes and deal with them. Every single time they receive a fax they get a page printed out on the printer that says


Xerox WorkCentre 5330

Folder Report


A file has been stored in the folder

Folder Number 20

Folder Name blah


Please pass this Folder Report to the owner above.


Follow the procedures below to print files from folders.

    1. Press Services Home button on the control panel.

    2. Select Send from Folder on the Services Home screen.

    3. Select the Folder stated above.

    4. Select file to be printed, then select Print.

    5. Check the file settings, then select Print. 


Can someone for the love of god tell me where this setting is to turn off this report. Every single thing I was able to find for reports is set to "Errors Only". The department is literally throwing stacks of these reports away everyday. 


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