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Re: Installing full drivers on a system in Window 7

Hi Bagcottage,

    Your post piqued my interest and caused me to research this a bit on the various Microsoft forums. The consensus by many frustrated users is that you cannot run executables in S mode and therefore you cannot install full print drivers. The only option seems to be to switch out of Windows S mode to a standard version of Windows, but there is no way to switch back to Windows S mode once that is done. So you seem to be left to use the built-in drivers with whatever limited functionality they provide in S mode.

You can try downloading the Xerox Print Experience from the Microsoft Store to see if it works with whatever Windows chose to use as a driver for your printer. It's certainly not going to hurt anything and you can uninstall it easilly.


Installing full drivers on a system in Window 7

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Operating System: Windows 7

Hello Dear members,

I just purchased a small portable to take with me everywhere that doesn't take up loads of space.  It's currently running in Windows S mode.  The printer I have is a Xerox B210/DNI, if I plug the printer in with USB, I know Windows will install native drivers, but will it install the full range for this printer?  If not, how do I go about getting full drivers loaded onto a system in S mode? 

Thanks for your help.


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