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Re: Issues Scanning when VPN Connected

maybe some firewall turns on with the vpn? or some higher security ?

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Issues Scanning when VPN Connected

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I have a problematic client that cannot scan whilst they have a VPN connection enabled on their machine. The strange thing about this is that I have a person in the same office that does NOT have this issue. The only difference I can spot between the two machines is that one is WindowsXP and the other is Windows 7.


I am using a Xerox Application called NetScan (This came on a CD with the Printer) and the printer in Question is the Xerox WorkCentre 3220. The application basically communicates with the printer and receives files that get scanned, which it then redirects to a folder of choice.


The strange thing is that it is able to ping the printers IP withouth any hassles and I can still print without problems. Also note that the scanning works again as soon as I disconnect the VPN.


Has any experiences this problem, or at least knows whats causing it?


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