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Re: LDAP Search Question

whats your firmware level ?

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LDAP Search Question

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I am having problems getting LDAP searches to work properly. 


When I configure the LDAP server to query by "surname and given name" it appears that it is actually searching by surname and common name (cn). 


When I configure the LDAP server to query by mapped fields, I can only specify one field to search by.  If I specify given name I can't search by surname and vice versa.  If I specify display name, I can search by first name but if I want to search by last name I have to use "*lastname" as it only seems to start the query from the left of the string.


I am using a Xerox 7545.  I can look up the software version if that is important. 


This is kind of urgent so any quick responses are greatly appreciated. 



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