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JD Power
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Re: LX Finisher eating paper

Thanks Sandy,

I researched the same and everything here on Xpert Tech. There is no residual scrap of paper under the top cover and the customers paper is Xerox spec. Still puzzled.

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Re: LX Finisher eating paper

Hi JD Power.

I searched the WC 5335 Knowledgebase for an article that might  answer your question.  It might be caused by a small piece of paper that  was torn from the first paper you removed.  If not, you may want to check for other solutions in our knowledgebase to see if there might be something that could answer your question.

Here is the solution I found.


Clear the Paper Jam in the Office Finisher LX

NOTE: If a paper jam occurs, the Touch Screen will display an animated graphic of the location of the jam. Jammed paper should be removed in the normal direction of travel whenever possible.

To clear a jam under the Top Cover of the Office Finisher LX:

  1. Open the Top Cover on the Finisher.
  2. Remove any jammed paper.
  3. Close the cover.

To clear a jam in the Finisher Transport of the Office Finisher LX:

  1. Open the Finisher Transport Cover.

NOTE: The cover is hinged and cannot be removed from the printer.

  1. Remove any jammed paper. If the paper is torn, remove all torn pieces from the printer.
  2. Close the cover

This is the link to the WC5335 Knowledgebase.

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JD Power
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Valued Member

LX Finisher eating paper

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Have a WC5335 with an LX Finisher. twice now I have removed a page from inside the top cove/ door. Has anyone seen this and what is the cure?

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