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CarrieG New Member
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Login Failure Check Username and Password or Setups

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Product Name: WorkCentre 7970
Operating System: Windows 10

Am trying to switch over the SMTP server our WorkCentre currently uses to use a Google SMTP relay server (enterprise solution) which we have accounts setup for in our domain.  We have an account setup for this purpsoe and have tested the username and password without issue.  We checked the time on the WorkCentre and it is within a minute of being correct, we go through and setup the Google SMTP server to the recommended specs, enter the From address in all areas specified in previous posts and still get a Login Failure error.  We have also done a port query on port 587 to the Google SMTP server and it is not being blocked.  

How can we read the logs to get better insight into what is causing this as we enter the username and password for the authentication for the Google account, the google relay server on port 587 and STARTTLS for the encryption option.  More information would be most helpful unless we are missing a setting somewhere that the old email address/server information might still be living.  Thank you for your time and assistance.


Google info - port 587 with an account on our domain for authentication and the from address

WorkCentre 7970 firmware version

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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
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Re: Login Failure Check Username and Password or Setups

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Hi CarrieO,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the solutions for the Login Failure. If these solutions do not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Login Failure Check Username and Password or Setups

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Does the email account get a mesage from Google stating a signin was blocked? If so, Enable less secure apps.

Make sure the firmware is actually up to date and not simply using the General release on from early 2016.

Make sure the email address used in the SMTP setup matches the one in CWIS > Properties > Services > Email > From Address

And then, after tha above installation of actual current firmware, do a trace and use Wireshark to read it

CWIS > Properties > Security > Logs > Network Troubleshooting


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CarrieG New Member
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Re: Login Failure Check Username and Password or Setups

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We resolve this on our end it was an issue with the IP address we had listed in the google smtp relay service which was causing the connection to fail.