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RoaldW New Member
New Member

Missing feature on Xerox MFP Using Book "Copying" feature to create a pdf fil.

Product Name: Xerox WC 7855
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

There is a book copying option on many of Xerox machines that allows you to copy the left or right hand side of a bound original on the copy glass or both pages at once.

But I also miss the opportunity to create a pdf file of the book, instead of printing it.

Such a function would be handy when scanning books to create a pdf file. I could then create a pdf document where a page in the file represents a page in the original book.

But now, when I scans a book, I get a pdf file where every page in the file shows both the right and left pages from the original book.

Is there a solution for this?

If not, when will this feature be available in a software upgrade?

Any Xerox Uservoice?

Thanks for reply.

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Technical Escalation User DavidX28897-xrx
Technical Escalation User

Re: Missing feature on Xerox MFP Using Book "Copying" feature to create a pdf fil.

I've submitted a feature request on your behalf. 

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Missing feature on Xerox MFP Using Book "Copying" feature to create a pdf fil.

It isn't an option on Xerox devices, but it is on Fuji-Xerox devices.

Current Fuji-Xerox devices sold in North America would be all in the VersaLink family, and the C60-C70

 The following is conjecture, not verified fact:

I'm pretty sure it is a legal thing, for example one North American student can buy a textbook for a large amount of money and sell digital copies by scanning it. There are many companies that simply won't allow this.

Because of the markets they support, Fuji-Xerox doesn't have that particular worry.

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RoaldW New Member
New Member

Re: Missing feature on Xerox MFP Using Book "Copying" feature to create a pdf fil.

Thanks DavidX28898-xrx!

Today when I scan a book, I use the scan to file function along with the build job button.

Today, when the printer have made the pdf file, I use adobe acrobat to split a file page into two parts. So that I get the book's left and right page as 2 individual pages in the new pdf document.

At other times, I define a scan area on the glass. Then I scan the left side and the right side of the book in two operations.
There is a lot of moving the book back and forth, while I move forward in the book.

If I could scan to a file, with the book copying function, this would have been much easier.

I hope Xerox will implement this feature in its printer software.

By the way, I work at a school, and we have 10 WC 7855 and an ALC C8055.

We are very pleased with the printer from xerox.


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