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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Need 4118X Driver Installation Help

Hello EddieGinley,


I have copied a link to the User Guide for your 4118 and on page 129 you'll see the Scanning section.  The User Guide explains installing and using the TWAIN scanner program or the WIA scan driver.  Take a look at the procedure for these because I think that something got corrupted in the installation that you originally ran.  The steps in this article should guide you through the correct installation procedure for either scan driver you choose.  Please note: it would be a good idea to uninstall the previous driver(s) before you begin.  This will get you back to a clean setup.



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Need 4118X Driver Installation Help

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I've hooked a Workcentre 4118X up via USB to a PC running Windows 2000.  Unfortunately I don't have the installation CD.  I downloaded and installed "PCL6 Driver, Windows 2000/ XP, MIcrosoft Certified".  It seemed to install fine, but after the install seemed to finish the Windows add hardware wizard started.  Simple enough to go through that, but it could not find the driver for the 4118.  I tried browsing into the installation files for the 4118, it couldn't find it, I chose a couple files but it wouldn't accept them.  I think one of the failures was "4118.inf".  I think that this Workcentre interface would be the best way for us to scan, if anyone knows what went wrong with this installation I'd greatly appreciate some help.  I re-installed the driver a couple times.  I had the wizard search windows update, and it installed the Twain driver instead.  My problems with the Twain driver are that apparently I'd have to purchase some software to use it, and when I tried the free version of PDF Xchange Viewer to test it(watermarks of course if you don't buy pro version), it seems like the default scan settings can't be changed.  I'm assuming that the PCL6 interface would allow changes to the color configuration and maybe even dpi - - I'd rather have the scans set most of the time to grayscale if that can be done.  The initial installation attempt of the PCL6 didn't put the scanner into the "scanners and cameras" section of Control Panel, it shows up there now since the Twain driver was installed.  I don't see a way to initiate a scan from the 4118 itself.  I'm just trying to find a simple way to scan to pdf & be able to email them and/or save them. 

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