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Network Error When Trying to Scan to Google Drive

Product Name: Print & Scan to Google Drive
Operating System: Windows 10

We have two identical Xerox C-405 machines. Both contain an app called "Print & Scan to Google Drive". The app worked on both machines until recently. On only one machine we get a network errror after we try to log in. The other machine works fine and allows us to scan to Google Drive after we log in. We have restarted the Xerox that gives us the error message several times and checked for updates but it didn't help. We received advice from one Xerox representative to reinstall the app. We deleted it then were unable to find the app again in the app store. Help! How can I get back the app and restore functionality?


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Community Manager CathyO-Xerox
Community Manager

Re: Network Error When Trying to Scan to Google Drive

Hello rcombs,

I searched the Knowledgebase, and found some steps to adjust the DNS settings and where to enable the Google Cloud Printing from the Embedded Web Server HERE.

Community Manager

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Network Error When Trying to Scan to Google Drive

Print and scan to Google drive was discontinued, it is no longer possible to get, and completely unsupported.

It was replaced by Connect 2.0 for Google Drive (All apps showing 2.0 cost money)

In short, removing it means it is no longer possible to get, you will need to license the 2.0 version. I have no idea why one stopped working and the other kept doing so, but I would expect it to fail in the future.

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