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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Network Scanning on a WC5335

So, we are just going to have to ignore this part of your statement. I need to install SMB scanning in an office where there is no network


If they don't mind typing their password at the device they can just use the Address book instead. Do it like this:



Click on the highlighted Details and you can add the username to the share, but passwords can't be done (Address book doesn't encrypt data so the password would be visible to anyone)



Or, scan to Folder on the printer and each user has a personal folder and can just grab their scan f...


Or, if they got it with the printer, scan to personal USB


So that is 3 ways to do it including one that works if the ignored "no network" statement is true (USB)



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Joe Arseneau
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Network Scanning on a WC5335

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I need to install SMB scanning in an office where there is no network, and there is great security concern about people only being able to access their own scan folder.  On most Xerox models, you can create lots of templates pointed directy to each individual PC, but this model requires that a file repository exist before creating templates, however only allows for 4 file repositories to be created.


My question is, if I pick one computer (the administrator's for example to act as a server), and create a scans folder with sub-folders for each person, and then just create templates for each individual, placing a shortcut to THEIR folder on their desktop, won't those people technically still have access to the main shared scan folder and the other sub folders that are within it if they really wanted to by just going to the C drive and backing up out of their folder?  Or can I edit permissions for each sub-folder within the shared folder so that only that user has access? OR, will the limit be that only 4 people can scan given the security requirements?


ps- before anyone suggests scan to email, that's not an option.



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