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No option for completed fax confirmation

Product Name: Altalink C8045

There doesn not appear to be any option to set fax confirmation to always print. Only options of OFF or print if fax failed. I see a posted solution for the Altalink C8035 but those steps don't available on the C8045. We just installed a software upgrade but still don't have the option to turn on fax confirmation Always.

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Re: No option for completed fax confirmation

The 8035 and 8045 are literally the same printer. They are just clocked to a different speed.

If the firmware starts with 100 you follow the old directions and go in as admin and set it in the fax defaults area.

If the firmware starts with 101 you log into the copier as admin, go into fax and scroll to the bottom and click Show additional features


Then find the confirmation report and change

Change it to always


Then select Customize > Set as default

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Joe Arseneau
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