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Re: O365 Scan to Email

Update - Tried a couple different varieties including using a Gmail app password.  Anything pointing to O365 failed, but as a workaround we have GMail sending just fine.

While not the optimal corporate solution it at least lets me user do her job.

Any thoughts on the O365 would be good (and it does NOT have MFA since it's set up company wide - so I can't use an App password for that 'use')

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Re: O365 Scan to Email

Thank you Cathy, but those items we're the same or not matching (since we're using Office 365 and not Gmail). The Office 365 account is not needing app password and is used across multiple centers.

Our concern/question is on the copiers that work the Validate Server Certificate is the different between what we see on the non-fucntioning one and the one that does.


Plus the user job section we can edit, but the System one is grayed out.




Thanks for pulling up those other two articles though.

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Community Manager

Re: O365 Scan to Email

Hello there,

I searched the Support page and found a couple articles that may help you:

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O365 Scan to Email

Product Name: WorkCentre 3655
Operating System: Windows 10


We have a  Xerox WorkCentre 3655X that just had it's hard drive replaced. As with these things we had to work to remotely reconfigure scan to email. It has System Software Version: and it's not sending the test email with "Login failure. Check user password, and/or setups." regardless if we use the O365 login (tested in webmail) or a gmail account.

Compared to a different machine in a different office there is an option missing from Connection Encryption to  Validate Server Certificate.

Did this option get removed with this firmware or is it moved someplace else?

We've tried different options and nothing is working
(STARTTLS, STARTTLS (if available)); ports 587 and 465; etc)

DNS has local network and for google plys domain name for search list.

As a side question - Should System Jobs (under SMTP Authentication) be uneditable now if using the System setting for SMTP Login Credentials?

Thanks for any thoughts or advice.

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