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Re: OCR-enabled scans/e-mail slow on WorkCentre 5945

I ran into the same issue with a few large work groups using 9300's. They were used to scanning stacks of 25-50 at a time. Then they asked OCR to be enabled as default and were upset at the processing time.


Here are the options i went with...

workgroup #1 got seperate scan templates with OCR turned off (about 50% of their scans required OCR)

workgroup #2 was educated on how to enable OCR when needed. i even typed out a small work instruction with pictures, laminated it and put it in a plastic pouch attached to the printer.


Giving different options is your best option in my opinion. If i got a dollar for everytime i heard the "just put more ram in it" comment i would be a very wealthy man :)

Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: OCR-enabled scans/e-mail slow on WorkCentre 5945

You won't be able to speed it up much if at all, it effectively takes about 5 times as long to do OCR on the machine. The option adds a lot of complexity to the relatively simple scan process. Even a very fast PC will take time to OCR a document.


You may be able to improve it, but you would need to change the originals, Major stumbling blocks for OCR include fonts it has issues recognizing, images and colors and handwriting.

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Joe Arseneau

OCR-enabled scans/e-mail slow on WorkCentre 5945

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hi all,

We have a WorkCentre 5945 with 2048MB of Net Controller RAM.  We recently turned OCR on for our shared folder scans and e-mail scans.  Since doing so, they are taking expontentially longer to reach their destination, and the interface of the scanner sits stuck at Processing but will eventually go through minutes later

we have ruled out the possibility of a network issue by performing a packet trace from the shared folder server and e-mail (Exchange server).  No traffic is even arriving to these servers for processing until minutesl later.


We have updated the firmware but are wondering if there are any other options to speed OCR scans up, whether it be additional memory or something else

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