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Technical Escalation Support
Technical Escalation Support

Re: Passwords in XST files on a template server

Xerox Connect Key Network Stored Scan template FIX

There are 2 things that have to be changed to the templates created by a system template

  • You have to add the login password using this format

string DocumentPath = "NAME OF THE NEW TEMPLATE";

     string UserNetworkFilingLoginName = "CMH\\XeroxLDAPReadOnly";

string UserNetworkFilingLoginID = "super secret PASSWORD";


  • You have to change the source of the in the template file from ”system” to template

enum_loginsource LoginSource = TEMPLATE;



This all worked On Firmware Vertion

Two other considerations, the password is stored in plain text so the access rights to the template directory need to have rights to read it limited to just the Xerox Copier account with our “super secret password” and the administrator and information systems “IS user group”

Also these customized templates only seem to work on the Connect key 3655, and MAYBE other connect key devices, however the Work center 4265 non connect key does NOT like these templates. But the good news is that the WC4265 network templates work anyway and have no authentication issues. So our work around is to have Two network scan template repository’s. One for the Connect key 3655 and another for non connect key WC4265 and point each model to the appropriate template repository directory’s

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Valued Advisor

Re: Passwords in XST files on a template server

Hello alainh.


If you have not already resolved this issue, we suggest you search our online knowledgebase for this product: WorkCentre 7545 and WorkCentre 7845.  

Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page for other support options.

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Passwords in XST files on a template server

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At one of our departments I have over a dozen Workcentres (7545/7845) that use the same Scan2Share templates. In the past I used to setup them up using partial clone files. I learned about the template server option and prepared new configurations on a test printer (WC7220 which has the same board/firmware as the 78xx) and run into some issues.


I figured out how to enable Joblogs and then copy the XST file onto the template server and this part seems to work fine. I deleted the local, working template and loaded that same template from the template server. However when trying to scan with that template I get a login failure error. It looks like only the user and no password is saved in the XST file and the device has no idea where to get the full credentials from.


The domain user for the share on the template server and the actual file shares is the same, so the credentials are actually saved on the device.


Here is what should be the relevant part of the XST file, I replaced some specific information with generic placeholders.

[service xrx_svc_file]
    * enum_filingpolicy DocumentFilingPolicy = NEW_AUTO_GENERATE;
    * string RepositoryAlias = "ISM";
    * string DocumentPath = "Scans\\ism";
    * enum_loginsource LoginSource = TEMPLATE;
    * string NDSNameContext = "";
    * string NDSTree = "";
    * string RepositoryName = "";
    * string RepositoryVolume = "share-1-$";
    * enum_filingprotocol FilingProtocol = SMB;
    * string UserNetworkFilingLoginName = "d\\scanuser";
    * boolean ServerValidationReq = FALSE;
    * string XrxHTTPScriptLocation = "";
    * boolean DocumentDirectoryXSM = FALSE;
      ref_invocation OutputDocument = xrx_document:doc_1;


I'd be grateful for any help as this seems to be sparesly documented.




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