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Re: Phaser 3635MFP can send faxes, but not receive

Hi Adam,


It looks like there is no way to permanently set the fax machine to Manually Receive.  Looks like you have to set it manually every time you’re ready to receive.

This fax machine is the only device on the telephone line and at one point it was receiving faxes.


I am going to try to bring in another fax machine to see if that is the issue.





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Xerox Authorized Dealer Analyst
Xerox Authorized Dealer Analyst

Re: Phaser 3635MFP can send faxes, but not receive

May be an issue with the phone line on even a job stuck in the memory. Also are there any other fax machines in the building if so unpulg them and then try also make sure it is set to auto recieve not manual.

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Phaser 3635MFP can send faxes, but not receive

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I have a 3635MFP that can send faxes, but not receive them.  I dial into the MFP with a phone and can hear the fax trying to commuicate, so I know it is picking up.  Several different fax machines have been used and it will not accept any.


Standard land line is being used.


No line filters.


I have turned off ECM, setting does not seem to matter.


There appears to be no record/job status of an incoming fax.


Server fax is disabled.


Fax forwrding is disabled


Fax forwarding to email is disabled.


System software version is


Fax card is present and Embedded fax is installed and enabled.


Apparently the recieve transmission rate is fixed to max and can only be changed in Diagnositc Mode.


Any ideas out there?







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