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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Phaser 8560MFP using the wrong paper tray when receiving faxes

Hello npaquin,


The problem that you are experiencing could be due to the sending fax machine and not your own.  It is possible that there is a compatibility issue between the sending fax machine and the receiving fax machine.   The sending fax machine must be a Group III compliant machine.  Only Group III machines send the page length info to the receiving fax, in the header information, so it knows what size paper to print on.  Also, some sending fax machines will take a Legal size fax and automatically scale it to Letter size before transmitting the data because it assumes the receiving machine can only support letter size paper.  Such fax senders should examine their Fax Sending Options on their fax machines.


Older sending fax machines may scale-down the Legal size fax or even send it as two letter size faxes.  So, if your 8560MFP is still set to Auto Select and you're still not getting the expected results, the problem is likely with the sending fax.


I hope this information helps.


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New Member
New Member

Phaser 8560MFP using the wrong paper tray when receiving faxes

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

When using the Automatic tray selection when receiving faxes, my 8560MFP always chooses Tray 3, which contains Legal paper, whatever the size of the fax that is received.  Different fax sources have been tried.

If selecting a specific tray, the right tray is used though.


My tray setup is:

Tray 1 (manual) = empty

Tray 2 = Letter

Tray 3 = Legal

All the trays are setup with the right size in the configuration.


It is convenient to have Legal faxes printed on Legal paper instead of being shrunk on Letter paper, so the Automatic setting is useful, but in my case it's always using Legal paper...


Is there something I could try?  Or is it that the fax engine of that model is incapable of detecting the size of the source?

Could changing the position of the Letter tray to Tray 3 be advisable?



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