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Re: Please wait - Mac cannot find printer using USB

UPDATE* its now stuck on Please reboot printer (116-317)

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Please wait - Mac cannot find printer using USB

Product Name: Phaser 6510
Operating System: Other – specify OS in post

Really pulling my hair out! 

My printer is stuck on Please wait nothing new since I've had it I've been stuck on this more than the printer actually works!!

I've just updated my Mac softwear to the latest one and as usual it turns my printer into please wait mode which goes on for days!! eventually it catches up, only this time i've accidently removed printer in settings.

printer is on please wait 

printer is plugged into usb (its not wireless)

All drivers are upto date

mac searches for printer and not found

cannot get IP address from printer as it's please wait

RE-BOOT hasn't worked

cannot get into admin to do factory settings.


really fed up of this printer if anyone can help restore factory settings while its in please wait mode.

xerox please sort out your FAQ as it's impossible to follow your instructions when it's not straight forward and standard it seems there is zero advise available and users searching forums for something that works, I would call your helpline but as I am deaf you have no options to support users who cannot use phones! text relays hang up when waiting a log time to connect.

Rant over, if anyone can help please do otherwise please recomend a better printer than this garbage!

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