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agspeis New Member
New Member

Possible Compression Issue?

I have a problem with a 5765.  It is side-by-side with a Minolta that is about to be decommissioned.  When scanning with the Minolta to a network drive, a 100 page scan takes roughly 1 minute to scan and 10-15 seconds to send over the wire to a network drive.  The Xerox 5765 takes about the same time to scan, however the time it takes to send over the wire to the network drive has varied from 11-21 MINUTES.  When checking the files after transfer, the Minolta pdf is a little over 8 megs and the Xerox 5765  pdf is a little over 4 megs.  Is there some kind of compression going on here that would slow the transfer of the file down considerably?  Whatever the case, this isn't good.  We have 3 Xerox machines in this area all acting the same way.  This is a very high scan-to-lan environment in a state government facility and this problem is bringing the department to its knees.  Pleas give this your highest priority.  Thanks.

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Fabio Valued Advisor
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Re: Possible Compression Issue?

there are so many differences, you should compare them all on the scan tabs


things like , resolution, quality, pdf searchable, ...

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