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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Power loss after static jam in DADF - WC7970

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It's most likely just a glitch. There was a firmware level that could do a forced reboot (crash) while doing SMB scans to Server 2012. I can't remember what version, but it was a while ago, so it probably started with 072.


Can't hurt to update yours to the latest which is at the time of this post

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Joe Arseneau

Power loss after static jam in DADF - WC7970

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WC7970 shut down and reset itself with no error message in the middle of a scan using the DADF.
The fault code history reads as follows:

  • 305.916.00
  • 305.915.00
  • 305.907.00
  • 305.906.00
  • 303.777.00

Looking up the meaning of these faultcodes, it appears like there was a static jam in the top feeder and then machine power loss. I am wondering why the machine suddenly lost power and rebooted? And also is it possible this was just a glitch or is it something I need to be concerned about going forward?


Thanks for your help!

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