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Printing .jpgs from Adobe Photoshop CS5 V12.0 x64 and Mac OS 10.9.1

I have been working with a client who is having some problems with printing certain .jpgs out of Adobe Photoshop CS5 V12.0 x64.  She is running on Mac OS 10.9.1.  When I open the file through Preview, still in .jpg format, it prints fine.  When I put the file on a flash drive and print it directly from the machine, it prints fine.  This is a medium sized graphics firm, so I had a couple other users try to print the file from their Photoshop (they all run the same version), they had the same issue.  I have attached scans of the file.  Have you run into this or anything similar to this in the field?  Do you know who I would need to contact to get some further insight into this?  I really appreciate your help on this. I have attachments but am unsure if they uploaded.

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Kimzi Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Printing .jpgs from Adobe Photoshop CS5 V12.0 x64 and Mac OS 10.9.1

Hey you!


It does not seem that the attached image got uploaded correctly, though I suggest you have a search through adobes support site, It could be the color profiles being different in photoshop therefore printing differently.

It could also be how the image actually was created, and other reasons.


We would need to know all that to be able to help you, therefore I think Adobe may be of better help to you!


Best Regards


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