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Re: Problem installing XDA Lite on WS 2012

Yes, this server meets the requirements, and is a new one only setup as file- and print server, no other monitoring software.

Is it possible to download the installation file and run itself, not just the downloadmanager.exe (705kB)?

I've same problem on two different WS 2012, but not on Win7 - suspecting problem being related to that version.

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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: Problem installing XDA Lite on WS 2012

Are you happening to be running any other type of monitoring software on the server? I'm guessing you are meeting the system requirements ( I'll keep searching around in Xerox to see if I can find any anwers.

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Jordan R.
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Problem installing XDA Lite on WS 2012

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I'm trying to install XDA Lite 4.1.214 on our WS 2012. Every time I get error 1722. Same installation file works fine on Win7x64, but fails on two different WS2012 where I can install other software. Windows Installer is version 5.0.

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