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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Problem scan on PC with WC 7228

Put folder on root of C:\ drive, right-click and choose Properties

Select Sharing > Share and add the user account the printer will be using and change the dropdown for that account to Read/Write




Click Share > Done


Now select Advanced Sharing > Permissions > Add and add the same account as above,< highlight the user and take note of the username format within the brackets, that is exactly how the login name will be entered in the printers scan setup>,then check the box for Full Control > Apply > OK > OK > Close




Then, to set up a template on the printer go to CWIS > Scan > Create New Template and fill it in





Things to note:

If the username in use does not have a password, I highly suggest making an account that does on the PC, Windows is fine when you don't have a password, but it is not typically fine when you are running a modified Linux (The printer) and accessing the Windows PC across a LAN connection as opposed to physically.


If you don't know your PC's IP address, click on the start menu and type cmd and hit enter

In the new window type ipconfig and hit the enter key.

you need the ipv4 address in amongst all the shown data.




The last firmware for this machine was released in 2008, it is likely that it can't in fact scan to Windows 10 as it very likely cannot do SMBv3. If that is the case, after all above is completed, you would need to change Windows 10 to work with SMBv1


I don't have a 7228 on hand, so the screenshots here have all the right info, though they may be slightly shifted in placement.


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Joe Arseneau
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Problem scan on PC with WC 7228

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Good Morning, sorry for my bad english...

In my office i use a Xerox WC 7228 witch my PC with Windows 10.

I tried to set up the printer to scan in a folden on my PC, but not working.


There is a step by step guide to successfully configure the Xerox? I try several times but I can't get it started.


Thank so much


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