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Re: Problems with internet connection

Well, in the meantime I kept trying.

Obviously it's not a problem of the internet connection, because scanning to FTP works. So has anyone an idea what's wrong with the SMB?

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Problems with internet connection

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Windows 10

Hi guys

My Workcenter6515 used to work for more than a year properly. But after a moving I wasn't able to set up the Scan-function again.

After multiple hours I decided to reset it to the factory settings. So it should be free of any "wrong" settings.

My device is connected by ethernet cable with the internet (green light is on) and also by WLAN. I can access thourgh the web interface. When I go to "Device" => "Apps" =>"Scan" and choose "Network (SMB)" (could be named slightly different on your system because mine is german and i just try to translate it :)), I get this message:

"Unespected connection error. Browsing currently not possible. Check the internet connection".

There can't be any wrong settings in there because I don't come even to a step where I can make some decisions. ;-)

I'm pretty sure my device is online but I have absolutely no idea what's wrong with it! Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

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