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Re: Public address book causes controller reboot on 7675



I have two suggestions, the first one is.

Try using the Xerox Address Book Manager to create ur .CSV file. (Which seems to have been removed from the website so this can be ruled out)



So, just to clarify. Reset the current one, and then create it with this program instead and see if it works.


The other suggestion is to upgrade the firmware on the machine, I know that a firmware version that fixed a lot of scanning issues came out sometime.

Though I think thats an engineer matter on this machine.


Hope this helps


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Frequent Member

Public address book causes controller reboot on 7675

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I set up my 7675 and have email and scanning to network working fine. However if I select email, address book, and then select the public address book, it opens the address book then reboots the copier. When I uploaded the address file via CW it opened and mapped the fields correctly. Any suggestions?

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